Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation July 15, 2020

Find a comfortable position & take 7 minutes to disconnect from everything else & to re-connect with yourSelf. Enjoy! & Namaste.


Crystal Singing Bowl July 15, 2020

Join me for meditation with a crystal singing bowl as the backdrop. Settle into a comfortable position, set aside distractions & re-connect to attention. Attend to yourself in this meditation for good mental hygiene. "If your compassion does not include yourself; it is incomplete." Buddha Enjoy! & Namaste.


3-Part Breath April 23, 2020

Join me for 3 Part Breath. A pranayana that promotes slowing down & bringing calm to the nervous system. Enjoy! & Namaste.


Pranayama/Breath Meditation April 23, 2020

"Take a time out to take a time in" & breathe with me. We'll use our breath to settle into our bodies, set aside our distractions, & re-connect to our present. Enjoy! & Namaste.


Equal Ratio Breath April 23, 2020

Join me for an equal ratio breathing practice. Pranayama is a practice of manipulating the breath & directing it in specific ways. Equal ratio breathing helps to center & ground the individual by focusing, directing, & slowing down the breath. Enjoy! & Namaste.


Relaxation Breath April 23, 2020

Relaxation breath is to calm & soothe the nervous system. This guided breath practice slows us down & calms the mind. Step away with me from the busy & sit still & focus on the breath. Enjoy! & Namaste.


Alternate Nostril Breathing April 23, 2020

Join me for a practice of alternate nostril breathing. This pranayama promotes balance, which facilitates a sense of groundedness. We stimulate each hemisphere of the brain with breath to bring balance between our thinking and our feeling hemispheres. Enjoy! & Namaste.


Body Awareness/Gratitude Meditation April 23, 2020

Join me for a meditation centered around our relationship with our body. This meditation can serve as a reset & an opportunity to express gratitude for all that our body does for us. Drop out of your head & into your body. Enjoy! & Namaste.


Pranayama/Breath Meditation April 23, 2020

Take 5 minutes. Step away from your computer. Step away from the chaos. Step away from your to-do list. ...and just breathe... You'll be surprised what 5 -7 minutes can do. Enjoy! & Namaste.


Metta/Compassionate Meditation March 2020

A Metta/Compassionate meditation that you can do seated or lying down. We begin with ourselves & let our compassion ripple outward.