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March 2022 Monthly Musings

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Hey Y’all!

Carolyn here. I'm finally doing it! I'm finally in a place; physically, emotionally, & mentally to add my musings to the Yoga that I've been offering for awhile now. I have been teaching for just over 7 years!!! Creating space (include ALL that that could mean) has taken time & effort AND the support of my husband, Nate. Your support also, has been critical. Your willingness to share your inbox is met with much gratitude. I welcome ALL the thoughts & ALL the feedback as I move forward. And please, feel free to share me with those in your circle. Since my introduction to yoga as a dance major in college & my return to the practice as a new mother experiencing post partum depression, I have slowly been guided back to mySelf. The benefits of a physical Yoga practice are just one part of all that Yoga has meant & added to my life. The journey has been & still is, bumpy & beautiful. My intention is to share what I can to help you cultivate the space you need inside & outside of your body to thrive within a LifeConnected to Body, Mind, & Spirit.

Think on this: "The universe rioted first, I'm just following its lead." ALOK

I was listening to the We Can Do Hard Things podcast & the person being interviewed said this. They went on to say something about how nature teaches us about rioting when flowers bloom. ...that spring blossoms riot against winter. I kept thinking... The snow dump we experienced last weekend in Salt Lake City, UT was a riot against the approaching spring. I began thinking about when & where I have rioted in my life. (really interesting to consider) Because of ALOK's words I remembered the following quote: "unpleasantness is a call to listen; a call to wisdom." I have learned that discomfort, pain, & suffering have a lot of information & wisdom to offer me. When I feel uncomfortable, physically or otherwise, I am being invited to pause & listen. That wisdom can make my rioting intentional. Without that wisdom my rioting may just be reactional; more destructive than productive. There are many reasons & ways to riot & they are as individual as we are. I cannot discuss rioting without mentioning Ukraine. I speak Russian. I lived in Russia & Belarus & I have spent time in Lithuania, Latvia, & Estonia. I have friends & colleagues in all of those places & my heart hearts. They are rioting/fighting FOR their freedom. What will you riot FOR this month? HOW will you riot this month?

Practicing: Starfish Pose

Lie down on your back. Extend your arms out to the side, palms up & separate your legs a foot or two. Allow yourself to BE here for 5 minutes. If your lower back doesn't like the pose just bring the soles of your feet to the mat & lean your knees in towards each other. For a demonstration Click Here.

Eating: Berries

Yum! Just one serving a day can make a significant difference. "Berries offer potential protection against cancer, a boost to the immune system, & a guard for the liver and brain." Michael Greger, MD HOW NOT TO DIE

Remembering: It's like this now

In the summer of 2017 I was introduced to this mantra in a yoga class. I have been using it ever since. Not only has it helped ME through many a moment, but also many of my students. Enjoy!

May you live with ease & joy,


***When I let go of who I am, I become who I might be. Lao Tzu***

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